Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

So I've been kicking around writing down resolutions for 2011. Would putting them out there make me stick to them? I saw over at Thrift Core a post inviting others to post their top 3 goals for the new year. Just the kick in the pants I needed. Three words keep popping into my head when I sat down to make my list: Less is More.

Here's where I need to lighten the load:

1. Organizing
This has been on my list of resolutions for at least the last 5 years. There's just stuff that needs to go and that needs to be gone through. Adding to this, one resolution I've been putting into practice for the last few months, is being very selective about the stuff that comes into my house.

2. Shaping Up
It's been 3 years since I began working from home. I sit at my desk much more than I did at my old job. It's starting to show. Recent pictures of myself had me cringing in horror. I've started back with Weight Watchers in the two weeks. The kids go back to school next week and I'll be adding exercise to my daily routine. I want to have more energy, be in a better mood and fit into more of my wardrobe.

3. Procrastination
Excuses and justifications for not completing projects or tasks; I think I've used them all. Sure, there have been some genuine reasons not to get to some things. However, it's usually me getting in my own way. Today, for example. My to-be-filed paperwork pile on my desk was spilling over onto other projects-in-the-works. I kept scooting the papers back but they'd somehow find their way back on the wrong side of the desk. I decided to see how much filing I could do in 15 minutes. I've been reading more Flylady emails lately. I filed a third of the paperwork in that stack. Wow! Two more 15-minute sessions and I was done. Just like that. It was very empowering. I'll be applying 15-minute chunks of time to many other projects.

There's a lot of other things I hope to accomplish this year, but these are the top three. Here's to a great 2011!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-11/22

Along with the weather, my thrifting tends to cool off this time of year. I stopped in at one of my favorite thrifts and found a few fun things.

Pyrex striped mug 92 cents
Postcard book 1.00
Retro picture frame for my office 99 cents

I'm going to use some of the postcards to decorate a large bulletin board in my office.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-Book Sale 9/13

I haven't been doing too much thrifting as of late as I'm working through and organizing all the loot I picked up over the summer and trying to get with a regular routine now that the kids are back to school, not to mention refinancing our mortgage and termite sightings around the house :(. However, I stopped at a book sale a couple of weeks ago and have a slew of books to read.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Etsy Vintage Market Team: Flea Market Sale!

You are invited to attend the Etsy Vintage Market Team's Flea Market Sale

Dates: August 28th-September 5th

Place: Visit Etsy, go to the Vintage section and search "vmteamflea" to see the wonderful selections available. Be sure to check out the individual shops for specific sale details.

Pardon My Past has discounted over 30 items for this sale.

Hope you have a great time!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-Grandma's Garage

I can't believe it is the middle of August all ready and that school starts in a couple of weeks! The last couple of weeks have been very busy with family visits, birthday parties, school shopping and life in general.

My grandma recently turned 85 and at her birthday party, she handed out a garage sale itinerary to all the family members. I chuckled to myself as we usually get travel itineraries from her but I don't think I've ever received one for a garage sale. The piece of paper stated that she was holding a garage sale later in the month but wanted family to have first crack at the stuff and offered everyone to come out a week before the sale. She moved this spring from a 2 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom, 500 square foot apartment in an assisted living complex.

It happened that my husband had a meeting to attend in that part of town the day before the family garage sale preview. My grandma was game for us coming so the kids and I picked her up and drove over to her house. My folks were there when we arrived, taking pictures of furniture that was not being sold with her house. We all visited while going through boxes (there were lots of them). After a few hours and a much needed lunch break, my trunk was full of vintage goodies and enough cat towers and condos to build up a small town. My youngest kiddo had to have them and our overly spoiled cat is pleased as punch with his new digs.

Old tins that belonged to my great-grandma that she used for storing sewing notions. I'll be using them for storage in my office.

Two pinking shears which have been on my buy list for a while. Lots of vintage buttons and sewing needles.

A small collection of tape measures and a little oil can. I'm constantly misplacing my tape measures and love the look of these ones.

This was hanging up on a nail in a very dusty corner of my grandma's garage. I'll be using this in place of my modern plastic one since it has more pizazz.

My mom spotted all of the Pyrex in a box. I need more Pyrex like I need a hole in the head. My husband is coveting the mixing bowls, even though we have a set in another color that belonged to my great-aunt.

Vintage books are one of my weaknesses. I'm very much looking forward to browsing through them when this hot weather goes away and I'm in the mood to turn on my oven.

This is my favorite find. An old transistor radio. I had a more modern version in white when I was a kid. It only gets AM stations but there is a charming oldies station I'm looking forward to listening to while I work.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-July 26th

Two days in a row my kids and I found ourselves up at 6 o'clock in the morning. We've become accustomed to sleeping in with school being out, so the early hour was a rude awakening. We were up and out the door by 7 or so to set up our stuff at my friend's house for a community-wide garage sale. Thankfully, kids and I had loaded up the car the night before, so all we had to do on both days was set up. On the first day of the sale, there were a lot of early birds, even an hour before the sale. Early bird garage shoppers usually annoy me but I was in the mood to get rid of stuff, so it didn't bother me too much.
The first day was also our busiest day. We did about $60 on the first day which isn't a lot but I had a lot of low-priced items. The second day of the sale was much slower. There was an arts and crafts show and a neighboring town's festival going on.
We had a dresser with a matching mirror that we were trying to sell for $20. Last week, my husband had wanted to set it out on the curb but I wanted to try to get something out of it first. My husband showed up at the second day of the sale later in the morning and remarked that the dresser was still there. He jokingly said we should have just put it out on the curb. So I made an even larger sign than the one that was already hanging on the side of the dresser and put it on the front. A few people showed an interest in it but it either wasn't the right size or color. I was feeling a bit discouraged that my husband might be right (which I'd never hear the end of) when our last customer of the day purchased the dresser and mirror for $15! After the customer left, I did a happy dance in the driveway, chanting I told you so, I told you so. :) I had not been looking forward to bringing it back to my house. The second day of the sale we did a whole $25.
Even with all of the work of pricing, loading, unloading and re-loading everything, it was worth it. My friend has two kids about the same age as mine and they all hit it off. We enjoyed kicking back and relaxing in the sun and spending time together. The money raised will be going toward to back-to-school shopping.
As for thrifting, my friend and I walked to a couple of sales on her street. I found a necklace for my oldest kiddo for $1 to use for formal school dances and a pair of earrings and a 1928 brand necklace.

The best finds came from my friend's garage. She used to be a reseller and mentioned she had packing supplies that she wasn't going to use and were taking up a lot of space. I got two huge garbage bags, a large box and a large storage bin (she wanted me to keep the bin) of packing peanuts for free. She didn't want any money for them so I'll be taking her out to lunch sometime in the near future as a thank you.
I'll be shifting gears on my thrifting in the next month as I'll be on the lookout for school clothes and supplies and beginning my holiday shopping instead of shopping for inventory.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-July 19th

At the beginning of last week, our hot water heater decided to go kaput and that led to a small chain-reaction of other things to go haywire throughout the remainder of the week. By Friday, everything seemed right again in the world and I ventured out after noon to some sales. At a rummage sale, I chatted amiably with some older gals who were putting on the sale. I ended up with a very large box of finds. I thought I could manage by myself with it to my car. Instead I managed to twist some lower back muscles in the process of lifting the box and someone came over and helped me load it into my car. I went to a couple of sales on my way home and found a lot of vintage goodies.

Here are a couple of personal finds I found.

The cover of this cookbook sold me. It was $1.00.
This set of plates aren't vintage but they are definitely retro-inspired. I'll be hanging them on a wall in my office. I'm tempted to use them in honor of the season premiere of Mad Men that starts soon. I'll be using the box they came in for office supply storage.

This is a quick post as I'm decluttering my house as much as I can this week in preparation for a multi-family garage sale coming this weekend. I'll post how the sale went and my finds next Monday.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-July 12th

Well, I made it about two weeks into my thrifting break before my resolve cracked. Sigh.
I hit a thrift store last Thursday which was during one of the hottest days we've had so far this summer. The store was not air conditioned but had fans going which helped keep the temperature somewhat reasonable. I was thoroughly enjoying my time, shopping alone with no children, as I leisurely took my time flipping through the racks and enjoying the quiet in the uncrowded store. That came to a screeching halt when a family of four came through the front door of the thrift store, talking loudly and their children whining that they didn't want to be in the thrift store and could they please leave now. I was about to pop in my ear buds that were attached to my mp3 player when I realized I had left it at home.
As I continued along a circular clothes rack with my finger scooting the hangers along as I flip, the mom from the recently arrived family of four comes over, stands directly next to me on my right and cuts me off of the row of clothes I'm looking over. This is one of my major thrifting pet peeves.
I turn to the rack behind me. Pretty soon, the mom tires of the circular clothes rack and starts over to the rack I moved to. So I turn back to finish browsing through the circular rack, at which point the mom returns almost at my hip, holds up a shirt and asks my opinion of whether or not it is cute. I nod my head and move completely to the opposite side of the thrift store to get back into my zen of peaceful shopping. A few minutes pass and the dad of the family of four plus the two kids come by the section where I'm at. I have nowhere else to go to try to escape. The kids ask in 5-second intervals if they can have this or if they can have that while the dad sidesteps their constant questions. After a few minutes, they head back to the front of the store where the mom is. I cross my fingers and toes that they are finished shopping. Nope. The mom, followed by the two kids who are still asking for everything in sight, gravitates to the corner of the store where I'm browsing. In a desperate attempt to lose her, I start looking at anything that is broken and hideous and try to make facial expressions that look convincing that I'm absolutely enthralled with what I'm finding and putting in my basket. Perhaps I overly exaggerated my looks because she quickly moved away with her kids after that and the entire family leaves the store shortly thereafter.
As I put back the hideous items that I used as decoys and go through the final selections in my basket I intend to purchase, one of the store clerks comes over with a smile on her face. She's putting out jackets on a nearby rack and shows me them all saying, isn't this just too cute, this one is really cute and oh, this is so cute. By this point, I'm hot, irritable and all "cuted" out. I practically ran back to my car in the 95 degree heat in hopes no one else would talk to me. Normally, I'm don't let the hip-hugging folks or the chatterers bother me but it had a been a long, hot week and lack of sleep was making me much less patient than normal.
On Friday, I ventured out, much more rested than the day before, to two rummage sales, one yard sale and a thrift store. The first rummage sale was kind of a bust with higher prices and smaller selection from the year prior. The thrift store was where I found the majority of this week's finds. I went into a neighboring town for a church rummage sale that I'd meant to get up early for but I couldn't drag myself out of bed at 7:30. It was pretty picked over by the time I made it there a few hours later but I ended up finding some vintage 80s clothing and a cashmere sweater. On my way home, I came upon a yard sale and spent the last 50 cents in my purse.
On Saturday while running errands with my DH, he pulled off to a garage sale. I was a little flabbergasted as he goes out of his way to avoid any yard sales or thrift stores. The lady holding the sale had a wonderful turn-of-the-century solid wood chair and matching hide-a-bed with red cushions. I didn't have several hundred dollars with me nor anywhere to put it in my house but a girl can dream, right? My DH spotted a TV for sale that was exactly like the one he owned as a kid as well as the new in box portable CD player he owned as a teenager. We left empty-handed.

Here are this week's finds:

Oodles of ribbon.

Retro reproduction Oreo tin that will be used for office storage. Two 1917 issues of Woman's World magazine.

Vintage gift books.

Holly Hobby linen calendar and set of owl plaques.

Vintage children's books

Old cash box and vintage recipe books

Vintage 7-Up glass

Vintage McCall's sewing book, California pottery divided dish and an eel skin purse

Washington state coasters, vintage manicure/pedicure set and vintage cocktail napkins

Time Life Nature books from the 1960s

New in box light fixture. I'm unsure of the age on this one. Any ideas?

This find is actually from a few weeks ago. I'm trying to bring some bright colors into my office as I redecorate it. This clock was $2.00.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Etsy Vintage Market Team: Christmas in July Sale!

You are invited to attend the Etsy Vintage Market Team's Christmas in July Sale!

Dates: July 10th-July 17th

Place: Visit Etsy, go to the Vintage section and search vmteamxmas to see the wonderful selections available. This is a great way to get a head start on your shopping for dressing up yourself and your home! Be sure to check out the individual shops for specific sale details.

Pardon My Past will be offering 15% off sale items tagged vmteamxmas. I will be adding more Christmas-related items during the week. Check out my store's announcement page for more details.

Hope you have a great time!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-The Motherload

My youngest kiddo and I had a date for Friday morning to go thrifting. I woke her in time for an 8 a.m. rummage sale but sleeping in a bit was more of what she had in mind. I hit that sale myself and ended up with a large box and two filled bags of stuff. It took me about an hour and a half to go through everything. I would think I was done and spot more stuff under tables in boxes. I had to stop back by the house before going back out again and this time my kiddo was ready. We went to three rummage sales and a thrift store before calling it quits. We hit the motherload.

At the first rummage sale, I started to make my way to the shoes which were arranged haphazardly in the corner of the room. A lady and her daughter were going through boxes of purses. I spotted a purse of interest in one of the boxes the lady was going through and waited as patiently as I could, pretending to be very interested in the shoes as she finished going through the box. As soon as she set the box down and walked away, I honed in on the purse that caught my eye. It was a vintage Coach. And just behind it was its twin in a different color plus a few other vintage purses.

The second sale had already been in full swing for a couple of hours when we arrived but I managed to find several vintage aprons. I love the one with the owl print.

At the third sale, we were encouraged to fill a good-size bag of clothes for $1.00. I loaded a bag with a very nice wool Abercrombie & Fitch jacket for my DH, cami tops & a shirt for my youngest kiddo, and a skirt and top for myself. I found a few other things and when I asked how much, the gentleman replied to make an offer. I'm the worst at making offers as I don't want to pay too much or seem cheap. He named a price and I gave him a few more dollars besides what he asked. The thrift store was the last leg of our trip.

Vintage Wilton cake pans: Raggedy Ann & Minnie Mouse.

Vintage Samsonite overnight case, vintage gold floral buckle belt & two vintage caps.

Vintage books & paper dolls.

Sewing notions and other items.

Two very large blankets. I love the colors.

Vintage tablecloths.

No unusual tales to tell. It was just good old fun with great prices and finds. It was a great way to end the spring season of thrifting. I'll be taking a break from thrifting for part of the summer in order to spend time getting things added to my shops. Be sure to check out Thrift Share Monday over at Apron Thrift Girl.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Thrift Share-5/31

The sales this weekend seemed to be few and far between due to it being a holiday weekend and that it was downright rainy. I didn't let the gloomy weather detour me.
I usually try to get to rummage sales early enough to stand in line but I arrived a few minutes late at the first one on my list and it was well under way. I normally start in the clothes section but people seemed to be swarming in that section amongst huge piles of clothes on tables. I wasn't in the mood to fight for elbow space, so I started in linens and housewares and without regrets. The book scanner folks were quite in their element with tables filled with books. I quickly and carefully worked my way around them, looking for books that were too old to have bar codes. I glanced over at the clothing section across the room and noticed the crowd had dwindled in size. It took three turns around the clothing tables to go through everything. I found a lot of clothes for my kiddos and nothing was over 75 cents. Since I arrived late, I had to park a way's out and tromp out to my car with two overloaded bags with the rain coming down at a steady pace, hoping not to slip in the mud.

I stopped in at a garage sale that was actually in a garage and under canopies. Nothing of interest was there so I continued on my way.

I made a pit stop into a thrift store and found a few things there before heading to the last rummage sale on my list. The weather apparently got in the way of the people holding the sales plans as several tables were set up outside with tarps over them. I found a book on my wish list, America's Cheapest Family: Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams. Being the die-hard thrifter I am, I went outside and knelt in the grass, keeping dry under the tarps as I tried peering at what was on the tables and in boxes and trash bags under the tables. One of the women that had been in the church kitchen must have been watching from inside because she came out and offered to carry in some stuff so I could look at it out of the rain. Although I'm was born and raised in one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., I must have resembled a drowned rat since she took pity on me. I grabbed a box and a large trash bag as we headed back into the church. I found a couple of things and I felt my treasure hunter resolve slipping as I really didn't want to go back in the rain to find more bounty. The folks mentioned they would be having the sale the next day and hoped to have everything pulled out and arranged for easier shopping. After finding the book I bought there, waterlogged in the bottom of my bag when I was shopping out in the rain, being soaked through in my jacket and nearing lunch time, I decided I was done for the whole weekend. Normally, these factors wouldn't do me in after only a few hours, but I've been thrifting pretty hard for about 6 weeks straight, especially the last couple of weeks. I need to refuel my jets before this coming weekend where I hope to get some thrifting in amongst other things that are planned. I will be blogging about this soon. :)

Here's my loot.

Not one, but three aprons. I can't recall the last time I found aprons.

An embroidered pillowcase and three handkerchiefs. As I was taking pictures, I noticed one of them was a Tammis Keefe.

Vintage pillowcase and sheet.

Vintage Vanity Fair nightgown and a navy blue vintage full slip.

From the thrift store, a vintage clutch evening purse and pedestal bowl.

Mikasa salt and pepper shakers and 20th Century Typewriting course book with a 1942 copyright.

50th anniversary edition Little Golden Book, The Little Red Hen (keeping this one) and a vintage cloves container.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-5/24

Unlike last week, I did have plans to hit a couple of sales this weekend. On Friday morning, I was doing some research, completely unrelated to thrifting or vintage and came across a mention of a nearby town's book sale that evening. I took my oldest kiddo, which was a treat because usually she doesn't like to go thrifting. I went to this town's book sale last year and had good results. This year was no different.
I spotted these books as soon as I walked into the building.

A complete set of Time Life The Art of Sewing books including the index.

I asked a gentleman helping out with the sale if he could put them aside for me while I finished my shopping. He obliged. A few minutes later, he shouts from across the room, whose books were these again? The steady stream of chatter from the other shoppers came to a halt and I sheepishly raised my hand. The crowd size was much better this year and it was easy to cruise the bookshelves and tables for titles.

Here are the rest of my finds.

1960s Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks

Mad Men era sewing books and a Sunkist recipes booklet with a copyright of 1935

I bought this one for the groovy cover.

On Saturday morning, my oldest kiddo, bribed with a few dollars from her dad to get a treat at the coffee stand, headed out with me to a nearby rummage sale. I found a 1970s burgundy secretary dress (not pictured) and my kiddo lucked out with a 25 cent charm bracelet. I dropped her off at home and picked up my youngest kiddo to hit a neighborhood sale. Traffic was crazy. There wasn't any room for a car to pass if there were cars parked on either side of the road. So we found a parking spot and walked through most of the neighborhood with a rolling bag. Our first stop was the best.

Vintage strawberry tin and a trio of Kaydee vintage kitchen towels.

Vintage tablecloths

A bow tie that was found inside an old pen case. A chapel cap, cobra skin wallet, and a floral embroidered table runner.

A couple was selling about 10 brand new plastic bathroom waste baskets ranging in color from blue to white. I didn't bother to ask why they had so many. A lady running a sale was talking about her cat and she asked if I had any cats. I described one of our cats as very lazy and the highlight of my cat's day was visiting her as she lounged on our bed. The lady told me I shouldn't talk down about my cat or my cat was going to get even with me. I quickly finished up looking at her stuff and as I walked away, she said, remember, be careful. Whatever, crazy cat lady. The last house we went to in the neighborhood was selling what looked to be new old stock vintage Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears lunch boxes. A lady shopping had a huge stack in her arms. I asked where she got them and she pointed to a bin in the corner of the garage. I was happy to see there were still several left. I flipped them over to check the copyright date and they were dated 2002. Repros. What a bummer. However, we forked over 50 cents for a new package of Napoleon Dynamite playing cards.

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