Friday, April 30, 2010

Mad Men Purse Heaven

Recently a friend of mine asked where I found my wares. I responded that they usually find me. Such was the case today. I was mindfully going about my morning errands when I got the feeling that I had to go to a certain store. A small inner war ensued as my logical side noted I had been there not that long ago while my impulsive side whispered just stop in for a few minutes, what have you got to lose? And then it added the kicker: since when do you ignore your gut instinct? Fortunately, it was along my route. I entered the store, gave a friendly greeting to the owner and quickly started scanning racks and shelves. Nothing was jumping out at me. I made it halfway through the store in about 5 minutes, impatiently, as I began to grow frustrated. I rounded the corner of the third row. There 5 steps in front of me: the clouds parted, the sun shined, the angels wept and the harps strummed....

Some lovely woman had cleaned out her closet of vintage purses. Oh my. All I could think was I've died and gone to Mad Men purse heaven. Eat your heart out, Joan Holloway. At that point, I decided I'd found what I was meant to find and left the rest of the store untouched. I think I made the shop owner's day as her eyes grew round and lit up when I loaded her counter up with all of the purses. Keep an eye out for these to be listed on Etsy soon.