Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Thrift Share-5/31

The sales this weekend seemed to be few and far between due to it being a holiday weekend and that it was downright rainy. I didn't let the gloomy weather detour me.
I usually try to get to rummage sales early enough to stand in line but I arrived a few minutes late at the first one on my list and it was well under way. I normally start in the clothes section but people seemed to be swarming in that section amongst huge piles of clothes on tables. I wasn't in the mood to fight for elbow space, so I started in linens and housewares and without regrets. The book scanner folks were quite in their element with tables filled with books. I quickly and carefully worked my way around them, looking for books that were too old to have bar codes. I glanced over at the clothing section across the room and noticed the crowd had dwindled in size. It took three turns around the clothing tables to go through everything. I found a lot of clothes for my kiddos and nothing was over 75 cents. Since I arrived late, I had to park a way's out and tromp out to my car with two overloaded bags with the rain coming down at a steady pace, hoping not to slip in the mud.

I stopped in at a garage sale that was actually in a garage and under canopies. Nothing of interest was there so I continued on my way.

I made a pit stop into a thrift store and found a few things there before heading to the last rummage sale on my list. The weather apparently got in the way of the people holding the sales plans as several tables were set up outside with tarps over them. I found a book on my wish list, America's Cheapest Family: Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams. Being the die-hard thrifter I am, I went outside and knelt in the grass, keeping dry under the tarps as I tried peering at what was on the tables and in boxes and trash bags under the tables. One of the women that had been in the church kitchen must have been watching from inside because she came out and offered to carry in some stuff so I could look at it out of the rain. Although I'm was born and raised in one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., I must have resembled a drowned rat since she took pity on me. I grabbed a box and a large trash bag as we headed back into the church. I found a couple of things and I felt my treasure hunter resolve slipping as I really didn't want to go back in the rain to find more bounty. The folks mentioned they would be having the sale the next day and hoped to have everything pulled out and arranged for easier shopping. After finding the book I bought there, waterlogged in the bottom of my bag when I was shopping out in the rain, being soaked through in my jacket and nearing lunch time, I decided I was done for the whole weekend. Normally, these factors wouldn't do me in after only a few hours, but I've been thrifting pretty hard for about 6 weeks straight, especially the last couple of weeks. I need to refuel my jets before this coming weekend where I hope to get some thrifting in amongst other things that are planned. I will be blogging about this soon. :)

Here's my loot.

Not one, but three aprons. I can't recall the last time I found aprons.

An embroidered pillowcase and three handkerchiefs. As I was taking pictures, I noticed one of them was a Tammis Keefe.

Vintage pillowcase and sheet.

Vintage Vanity Fair nightgown and a navy blue vintage full slip.

From the thrift store, a vintage clutch evening purse and pedestal bowl.

Mikasa salt and pepper shakers and 20th Century Typewriting course book with a 1942 copyright.

50th anniversary edition Little Golden Book, The Little Red Hen (keeping this one) and a vintage cloves container.

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