Monday, May 17, 2010

This and That Thrifted Finds

I had absolutely no plans to go thrifting this weekend. However, Thursday evening rolled around and I found myself looking at the garage sale listings in the local paper. Two rummage sales and a handful of yard sales were happening. I wavered back and forth-to go or not to go. That was the question. After a few moments, I'd made a date with my youngest kiddo and plans to get up early.

Morning came too quickly but we trudged sleepily out to the car, armed with our large reusable shopping bags and set out with the list of sales to hit. We only had a short time because we had family coming to visit later in the morning.

Our first stop was a church rummage sale. Prices seemed to be all over the place. I had a lady following so closely behind me as I looked at clothing that I could feel her breath on my neck. I whipped around and gave her the look I reserve for my kids when they've pushed the limit. She looked surprised and quickly dashed off to another part of the sale. The rest of the sale was spent carefully navigating around round tables with bunches of other people, trying not to bump into them and who seemed on the verge of paranoia if you dared to glance in the direction of something they were interested in. We quickly checked out and continued on with our trek. I spotted a garage sale that wasn't on our list, but that I'd been to in the past with good results. Not this time. It turned out to be a man sale. I gave a 30-second glance at the stuff on the tables and didn't see anything that appealed to me. I inquired with the seller about any lanterns he might have for sale as my dad collects and restores them. My dad is pretty much the only reason I stop at man sales. It turns out had we been at the sale 20 minutes prior we would have probably left with a lantern in our hands.

With time running out, we drove back across town to finish up the rest of the sales on our list. For the time that we had, I think we did pretty good.

I found 2 pairs of capri pants for 25 cents each, candlesticks for the living room for $1.00, a new bathroom wastebasket for 25 cents, a sweater and jacket for my kids for a total of $2.00 and a brand new Coldwater Creek wool jacket in a great shade of green I'd bought to resell but gave to my sister-in-law because it looked great on her for $1.00.

My kiddo found two cool looking shells for $1.00.

Here are the finds for my shop.

A 1970s copy of The Vogue Sewing Book. I might keep this one as I've been wanting a copy for my own book collection. Two vintage stitchery kits. A vintage floral tin that I think would be great for serving drinks on in the summer. A divided Anchor Hocking plate.

I'm thinking these might be vintage 90s new old stock shortalls.

Vintage 1980s New Zealand cardigan sweater.

1980s navy blue with white polka dot dress.

This was my very last find of the day and my favorite. I believe this is a 1930s or 1940s day dress.

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  1. Great finds!! :)

    What fun :) I love thrifting. hehe


  2. I love the vintage dresses you find! I wish I had the same luck uncovering these beauties!