Monday, May 24, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-5/24

Unlike last week, I did have plans to hit a couple of sales this weekend. On Friday morning, I was doing some research, completely unrelated to thrifting or vintage and came across a mention of a nearby town's book sale that evening. I took my oldest kiddo, which was a treat because usually she doesn't like to go thrifting. I went to this town's book sale last year and had good results. This year was no different.
I spotted these books as soon as I walked into the building.

A complete set of Time Life The Art of Sewing books including the index.

I asked a gentleman helping out with the sale if he could put them aside for me while I finished my shopping. He obliged. A few minutes later, he shouts from across the room, whose books were these again? The steady stream of chatter from the other shoppers came to a halt and I sheepishly raised my hand. The crowd size was much better this year and it was easy to cruise the bookshelves and tables for titles.

Here are the rest of my finds.

1960s Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks

Mad Men era sewing books and a Sunkist recipes booklet with a copyright of 1935

I bought this one for the groovy cover.

On Saturday morning, my oldest kiddo, bribed with a few dollars from her dad to get a treat at the coffee stand, headed out with me to a nearby rummage sale. I found a 1970s burgundy secretary dress (not pictured) and my kiddo lucked out with a 25 cent charm bracelet. I dropped her off at home and picked up my youngest kiddo to hit a neighborhood sale. Traffic was crazy. There wasn't any room for a car to pass if there were cars parked on either side of the road. So we found a parking spot and walked through most of the neighborhood with a rolling bag. Our first stop was the best.

Vintage strawberry tin and a trio of Kaydee vintage kitchen towels.

Vintage tablecloths

A bow tie that was found inside an old pen case. A chapel cap, cobra skin wallet, and a floral embroidered table runner.

A couple was selling about 10 brand new plastic bathroom waste baskets ranging in color from blue to white. I didn't bother to ask why they had so many. A lady running a sale was talking about her cat and she asked if I had any cats. I described one of our cats as very lazy and the highlight of my cat's day was visiting her as she lounged on our bed. The lady told me I shouldn't talk down about my cat or my cat was going to get even with me. I quickly finished up looking at her stuff and as I walked away, she said, remember, be careful. Whatever, crazy cat lady. The last house we went to in the neighborhood was selling what looked to be new old stock vintage Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears lunch boxes. A lady shopping had a huge stack in her arms. I asked where she got them and she pointed to a bin in the corner of the garage. I was happy to see there were still several left. I flipped them over to check the copyright date and they were dated 2002. Repros. What a bummer. However, we forked over 50 cents for a new package of Napoleon Dynamite playing cards.

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  1. I'm coveting that Sunkist recipes book. I used to buy old cookbooks (pre 1980) by the stack but now I'm out of room for any more. I hope those sewing books prove to be useful- looks like a great find. Happy thrifting!

  2. Oh what a shame about those lunch boxes. That would have been a fabulous find. And your story about the crazy cat lady? Classic. It's those stories that we'll remember for years. I've never heard of Kaydee. I must look out for those.

  3. Those kitchen towels are wonderful!

  4. What a find in the complete collection of sewing books! I've never seen the whole thing together before... Also love the scotty towl! And the red/white tablecloth... I'm drooling. Going to get a hankie now.

  5. The scary cat lady had me giglling as I read. Thanks for that. I love thrifting and garage sales, but some of the people that attend are rather... unusual. It is never dull!