Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrift Share Monday-July 12th

Well, I made it about two weeks into my thrifting break before my resolve cracked. Sigh.
I hit a thrift store last Thursday which was during one of the hottest days we've had so far this summer. The store was not air conditioned but had fans going which helped keep the temperature somewhat reasonable. I was thoroughly enjoying my time, shopping alone with no children, as I leisurely took my time flipping through the racks and enjoying the quiet in the uncrowded store. That came to a screeching halt when a family of four came through the front door of the thrift store, talking loudly and their children whining that they didn't want to be in the thrift store and could they please leave now. I was about to pop in my ear buds that were attached to my mp3 player when I realized I had left it at home.
As I continued along a circular clothes rack with my finger scooting the hangers along as I flip, the mom from the recently arrived family of four comes over, stands directly next to me on my right and cuts me off of the row of clothes I'm looking over. This is one of my major thrifting pet peeves.
I turn to the rack behind me. Pretty soon, the mom tires of the circular clothes rack and starts over to the rack I moved to. So I turn back to finish browsing through the circular rack, at which point the mom returns almost at my hip, holds up a shirt and asks my opinion of whether or not it is cute. I nod my head and move completely to the opposite side of the thrift store to get back into my zen of peaceful shopping. A few minutes pass and the dad of the family of four plus the two kids come by the section where I'm at. I have nowhere else to go to try to escape. The kids ask in 5-second intervals if they can have this or if they can have that while the dad sidesteps their constant questions. After a few minutes, they head back to the front of the store where the mom is. I cross my fingers and toes that they are finished shopping. Nope. The mom, followed by the two kids who are still asking for everything in sight, gravitates to the corner of the store where I'm browsing. In a desperate attempt to lose her, I start looking at anything that is broken and hideous and try to make facial expressions that look convincing that I'm absolutely enthralled with what I'm finding and putting in my basket. Perhaps I overly exaggerated my looks because she quickly moved away with her kids after that and the entire family leaves the store shortly thereafter.
As I put back the hideous items that I used as decoys and go through the final selections in my basket I intend to purchase, one of the store clerks comes over with a smile on her face. She's putting out jackets on a nearby rack and shows me them all saying, isn't this just too cute, this one is really cute and oh, this is so cute. By this point, I'm hot, irritable and all "cuted" out. I practically ran back to my car in the 95 degree heat in hopes no one else would talk to me. Normally, I'm don't let the hip-hugging folks or the chatterers bother me but it had a been a long, hot week and lack of sleep was making me much less patient than normal.
On Friday, I ventured out, much more rested than the day before, to two rummage sales, one yard sale and a thrift store. The first rummage sale was kind of a bust with higher prices and smaller selection from the year prior. The thrift store was where I found the majority of this week's finds. I went into a neighboring town for a church rummage sale that I'd meant to get up early for but I couldn't drag myself out of bed at 7:30. It was pretty picked over by the time I made it there a few hours later but I ended up finding some vintage 80s clothing and a cashmere sweater. On my way home, I came upon a yard sale and spent the last 50 cents in my purse.
On Saturday while running errands with my DH, he pulled off to a garage sale. I was a little flabbergasted as he goes out of his way to avoid any yard sales or thrift stores. The lady holding the sale had a wonderful turn-of-the-century solid wood chair and matching hide-a-bed with red cushions. I didn't have several hundred dollars with me nor anywhere to put it in my house but a girl can dream, right? My DH spotted a TV for sale that was exactly like the one he owned as a kid as well as the new in box portable CD player he owned as a teenager. We left empty-handed.

Here are this week's finds:

Oodles of ribbon.

Retro reproduction Oreo tin that will be used for office storage. Two 1917 issues of Woman's World magazine.

Vintage gift books.

Holly Hobby linen calendar and set of owl plaques.

Vintage children's books

Old cash box and vintage recipe books

Vintage 7-Up glass

Vintage McCall's sewing book, California pottery divided dish and an eel skin purse

Washington state coasters, vintage manicure/pedicure set and vintage cocktail napkins

Time Life Nature books from the 1960s

New in box light fixture. I'm unsure of the age on this one. Any ideas?

This find is actually from a few weeks ago. I'm trying to bring some bright colors into my office as I redecorate it. This clock was $2.00.

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  1. Smokey the Bear! How fun! Lovely finds - all.

  2. I love the vintage gift books---you got a ton of stuff, hooray!

  3. I wish I could be a super lucky thrifter like you! Such great finds. In the vintage books picture, the Moment of Truth book on the far left, is that a Peter Max book? I love Peter Max! Love your blog too. I am now a follower :)

  4. Love the 7up cup, clock, and all the lovely books!