Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

So I've been kicking around writing down resolutions for 2011. Would putting them out there make me stick to them? I saw over at Thrift Core a post inviting others to post their top 3 goals for the new year. Just the kick in the pants I needed. Three words keep popping into my head when I sat down to make my list: Less is More.

Here's where I need to lighten the load:

1. Organizing
This has been on my list of resolutions for at least the last 5 years. There's just stuff that needs to go and that needs to be gone through. Adding to this, one resolution I've been putting into practice for the last few months, is being very selective about the stuff that comes into my house.

2. Shaping Up
It's been 3 years since I began working from home. I sit at my desk much more than I did at my old job. It's starting to show. Recent pictures of myself had me cringing in horror. I've started back with Weight Watchers in the two weeks. The kids go back to school next week and I'll be adding exercise to my daily routine. I want to have more energy, be in a better mood and fit into more of my wardrobe.

3. Procrastination
Excuses and justifications for not completing projects or tasks; I think I've used them all. Sure, there have been some genuine reasons not to get to some things. However, it's usually me getting in my own way. Today, for example. My to-be-filed paperwork pile on my desk was spilling over onto other projects-in-the-works. I kept scooting the papers back but they'd somehow find their way back on the wrong side of the desk. I decided to see how much filing I could do in 15 minutes. I've been reading more Flylady emails lately. I filed a third of the paperwork in that stack. Wow! Two more 15-minute sessions and I was done. Just like that. It was very empowering. I'll be applying 15-minute chunks of time to many other projects.

There's a lot of other things I hope to accomplish this year, but these are the top three. Here's to a great 2011!


  1. Thanks for joining the tag- All three of those are big things I'm working on this year! Last night I donated three huge boxes of craft supplies/old costumes/at supplies to my friend and fellow artist. I obviously had more than I could use in a year! I feels so good to let go and see the back of your closets again :)

    Let's inspire each other into the new year! I'm working on organization how-tos AND thrifting/organizing downloads and tools. Hope it helps us all!

  2. Hi Monica! I didn't put two and two together and realize this was your blog (I am so, so behind on everything!) I love the name!

    The grain mill is still in operation. Well, it was before I moved down to KY. It will def. make the move.

    Hope you are well!

  3. Van-I can't wait to see what you have in store! :)

    Gina-I started this blog earlier this year. My old blog was getting rather depressing and I felt like I'd reached the end of what I could say there.
    That's great the grain mill is still in operation.

    I'm glad to get back in touch you. I'm doing well. :)

  4. I have been working since October at that get organized goal, really needed a head start. I believe it will take more than a year of focused energy for me to accomplish anything noticable. At work I was always very organized and could set up systems for others. This never carried through at home.
    I continue to renew my desire to get healthier, not just leaner. Dr Oz and Nike were giving away free shoes a few days ago. That was the impetus for me to sign on to his new 11 week program. (Not sure if I get the shoes.)
    As for procrastination...I'll have to get back to you on that goal.