Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Share Monday-First Sale of the Year

During the winter months, rummage and yard sales are few and far between. There might be the occasional moving sale and such but that's about it. So when I saw a rummage sale in the online classifieds happening this Friday, I couldn't dust off my reusable bags fast enough.

My DH and I had a date night in another part of town later in the day, so I took him to work and then headed to the sale. I had 8 hours that I could dedicate to thrifting! It was raining cats and dogs when I arrived. The sale was held in a small building with two rooms crammed with stuff. There were already about 20 people shopping when I arrived. There was another gal shopping for vintage as she had a darling navy blue train case in one hand and an awesome looking chair in another. I could feel my competitive side coming out and I resisted the urge to start madly and quickly shopping so I would find the rest of the treasures. Shopping erratically means more than likely I'd miss more things being in a rush. Before heading into a thrift store or sale, I remind myself that whatever is meant to be found by me will be waiting for me when I go in there. It gives me a sense of calmness before heading in and not getting caught up in a frenzy. I could definitely tell who the dealers and other resellers were. They reminded me of village pillagers, swooping in, grabbing everything their arms could hold and leaving a mess in their wake. It took me about four or five turns around the rooms to go through everything. At one point the other vintie was at my elbow as I was crouched down going through bags under the tables. She was really nice and waited patiently until I finished going through them and then asked if I was done once I set it aside. By steadily and cautiously going through everything, I found these gems.

Vintage aqua ornaments. This is one of my favorite colors. I'm keeping these.

Metal file box

Vintage patterns.

Vintage cinch belt.

From the free box: free tissue paper (to use for Etsy orders), strappy sandals (heading to the consignment store this spring) and brown boots like thesewhich my oldest kiddo claimed.

An interesting music montage throughout the rest of my day as I made my stops.

Globus Gateway bag (headed for Etsy)

Tops for myself $4.99 and $3.99

Vintage 70s jacket

Vintage mini dress

Vintage children's books

Magazines from the friends of the library shelf. 10 cents each.

My favorite find of all:

DH and I had a great date night. We saw True Grit and had Italia for dinner.

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  1. That dress in the last photo is darling! Great finds :-)

  2. I love the color of the ornaments--really nice. I went on a clothing binge this weekend as well--great finds!

  3. Love the Christmas balls! From what I can see I REALLY like the boxes too, great graphics!

    I read down farther about your daughters birthday. Girl, things happen. And I think your friend is right for some of us this is like breathing and only when its dire to we buy new. And that is totally OK. BTW Fleece is not easy to find used, the only area I've found it really is in blankets. FYI for next time!:)