Monday, January 17, 2011

Year of Buying Nothing New-Some Second Thoughts

This morning, my friend Selena left a comment under my recent year without buying new post.

"Personally I feel that for people like you and me, buying 2nd hand is our life. I think the benefits for this "buy nothing new" is really for people who are addicted to consumption of new things. For the few new items that I buy each year are that, needed. Or I can make some excuses as to why I wanted to buy them (aka on sale :-). The benefit of living a thrifted life is that even if we realize that we shouldn't have bought something used we can most likely sell it for more than we paid for it. Don't feel any guilt about spending money on new items, especially for your daughter."

In replying to her, I found myself writing what was intended as a short comment was really a post that I'd already been mulling over in my mind.

I agree with what Selena said. And I've been having some second thoughts about doing this challenge. In looking over my purchasing habits (going through receipts for tax purposes), we don't buy a lot of new stuff. We buy new things more during birthdays and Christmas.

Initially, I think signing up for this challenge stemmed from the desire to be more conscientious about using what we already have and the amount of stuff coming into the house.

It's not to say I can't do a year another year without buying new because I could. It's just the amount of new stuff compared to the items we purchase secondhand barely make a blip in the large scheme of things. So I'm shifting gears to this being my year of selling more and simplifying. :)

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  1. Well said and I feel I fit in this catagory too (I rarely shop at retail). I like the idea of just selling more and simplifying. I need to jump into teh resell thing (I've been collecting for it for a long time and have been chicken to go ebay or etsy). I need to make this my goal too and maybe challenge myself to move some things before seeking something more. Funny, while thrifting today I was thinking something really similar.