Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Year of Buying Nothing New

From October 2006-October 2007, I did a year with The Compact. It was challenging, eye-opening, liberating and had my family and friends questioning my mental stability. A couple of months ago, I took a voluntary simplicity course that was offered in my area and The Compact was mentioned in the course literature. Since then I've been kicking the idea around of doing another year without shopping. Although I purchase a lot of things secondhand, I've found myself shopping retail much more than I like in the last few years.
In keeping with item number 3 (not procrastinating) on my 2011 resolutions list, I'm jumping right into Van's Buy Nothing New for a Year Challenge over at Thrift Core. Starting tomorrow. :)
Gina over at Lime Kiln Lane was the added inspiration to participate in this challenge. She was around when I did my Compact Year.

My exceptions to the buy nothing new rule:

*Health & beauty items
*Most cleaning supplies (will do a follow-up post on this one)
*Business supplies (mailers & tape)

To make this challenge just a little more challenging for myself, I will be limiting my resale shopping purchases. My office is filled to capacity with inventory. I need to pull my numbers together but basically I will be working toward dollar goals and/or having a certain number of items posted for sale before I shop for resale.

I'll post my progress each week on Friday.


  1. Although I previously stated that I have pretty much been living this way as a lifestyle (add in the fact that I have been financially unemcumbered for years) this is a good reminder to become more aware of how I spend the little money I have.
    Besides not doing recreational shopping in retail stores, I am going back to a cash only shopping lifestyle this year. For several months I did try the debit card way and even though I could not go over my limit, money did not seem as real when spent in plastic form.
    However I do need to spend money and probably pay retail on a new refrigerator (I am saving up) unless I can find a preowned one and feel confident in its quality. And maybe a few computer related expenses, but there I think I can buy refurbished.

    Wishing you great success with this endeavor.

  2. I'm hoping this challenge will get me back to being more mindful about my purchasing choices (keeping in mind: less is more), using what I have and plan ahead better on purchases.
    A new refrigerator might be in the cards for us this year too. :)

  3. Good luck, Monica! I have no doubt you will succeed again! Looking forward to reading the updates.