Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reseller's February Listing Challenge

Another thing I love besides thrifting is a good challenge. Just ask my husband. He has whooped me in Monopoly the last three nights in a row. Like a glutton for punishment, I keep playing in hopes that I will win big.

Apron Thrift Girl is hosting a challenge for the month of February for resellers. The goal is to pick a certain number of secondhand items to list over the next 28 days. This challenge is just the kick in the pants I need. And it goes along with my new year's resolutions (which I'll be updating my progress tomorrow) of simplifying, not procrastinating and organizing. Thrifting is the fun part of my job. The picture taking, typing up ads and shipping are not at times. However, I have a lot of stuff to list. And it won't sell if it's not listed.

My goal for this challenge is to have 100 items in my eBay store by the end of this month. When I began this challenge yesterday, I had 23. I'd also like to get more things listed in both of my Etsy shops this month but my main focus is eBay this time around. I'll post my progress each Tuesday.

And to keep me in line is my motivational poster:

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