Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Vintage Fun

I can't believe it's been a month since my last Thrift Share post. I have been thrifting here and there. I recently went to an estate sale for the first time in a while. I arrived about 10 minutes late and there were already about 20 people in line in the driveway checking out with more people milling into the house.

My first find which was sitting on a table next to the cashier was this 60s pink tote purse. I'm working on restoring it to its former glory. When I was checking out,a gal working as the cashier, sighed and said you're buying my bag! She told me she used the purse as a briefcase when she went to Wendy Ward Charm School and then how she took it with her on her first job interviews. It was so wonderful talking with her and finding out the history of the purse. I sometimes wish that things could talk, just to find out what kind of journey they've been through.

Here are some of my recent finds:

Vintage staples & mini stapler

Vintage American Tourister bag. Coming Soon to Etsy.

Small bowl. I'm going to use it in the laundry room as a catch-all for earrings, coins, etc. that come through the wash. I was so excited to find this pattern of Pyrex. It's a keeper.

80s napkin holder, vintage alarm clock and kitchen towels. All coming soon to Etsy.

Small birds salt and pepper shakers (heading to Etsy). Small vintage notebook rescued from a free pile; heading to my purse for jotting down notes.

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  1. Thanks for visiting... I see you are doing the reselling challenge as well. I wonder if you are as behind as everyone else seems to be...

  2. Yes, I am. My office was in dire need of reorganization so I could work more efficiently and find things. Add to that, colds and appointments and there just hasn't been the time. Hopefully things will be better next month. :)

  3. You found lots of cool stuff. Nice butterprint refrigerator dish and tot stapler set. I just found a red Cub stapler and a box of staples too.