Monday, April 4, 2011

Thrift Share Monday-First Finds of Spring

Since my last post, I'm feeling much better and thankful my family didn't come down with that bad cold.

The sun has been trying very hard to emerge since the first day of spring but the gray clouds persist on hanging around. I didn't let the weather deter me the last couple of weeks from thrifting.

Here are some of my recent finds:

The book is for one of my kids for when they are out on their own. My mom gave me a copy after I was first married and I still have it. The little red tote will be used to hold small bottles of cleaning supplies that I use between my office and laundry room. I was thrilled to find the vintage cloth napkins. The ones on the left will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

I couldn't believe I found this chrome cake carrier an hour after a rummage sale started. The lid locks in place from the bottom. My youngest kiddo and I have been making cake and trying out new frosting recipes and didn't really have anything to store the extra cake. I love these vintage tablecloths and wish they fit my dining room table. They will also be available this spring on Etsy.

Vintage wool fringed blanket and vintage craft magazines.

The vintage kitchen towels I found on my birthday when we did a little thrifting. They are most definitely keepers. I also love this cheerful floral pillowcase.

Vintage hankies. A couple are signed by Tammis Keefe and the others by different artists.

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  1. Oh! The cake carrier is to die for!! Love it!

  2. Cool finds! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. totally love the kitchen towels. super score!

  4. I don't know if its true anymore but Tammis Keefe Hankies used to go for A LOT of money. Might want to do a completed search on eBay, see what you got!:) PS the blue tablecloth is a Wilendur (dogwood pattern). I think blue may be a harder to find colorway. Wilendur is hit or miss but mostly hit. Good strong seller in vintage tablecloths.