Monday, May 30, 2011

Thrift Share Monday-Riding Along Vintage -Style

Last month, I went to a consignment store for the first time. Prices were on a little on the high side for resale and nothing was jumping out at me, pleading for me to take it home. I thanked the store owner and I did a quick passing glance at some things by the counter. And all of a sudden, there it was.

In one of my favorite colors. It was vintage. It was $78. I couldn't think of a reason to buy it. Would I really ride it? I posted a picture of it on Facebook, hoping my gearhead of a brother would see it within a reasonable period of time. Luckily, he was online within a couple hours of seeing it. His reason for me to get it was because it was cool. I called the store and put it on hold for a few days to think it over. It turned out to have a couple of minor issues and might need new tires and I asked the consignment store owner if she would consider $65. She called her consignor and it was a deal! I'm on the lookout for a vintage wire bike basket.

A couple of days later, I went to a rummage sale where I found a couple of great vintage dresses and some clothes for my kids. I spotted a vintage bike leaning up against a table. Price tag was $25. I posted a picture of it on Facebook, noting it was the week for vintage bikes. My brother commented he was seriously interested in it. By this time, I'd already left the rummage sale and had embarked on some other errands. I really hoped it was there as I knew he would have a fun time tricking it out. Woot! It was still there. The challenge was trying to get it into the back of my small sedan. I've never been able to get the back seats to fold down, so I called my husband at work and left him a voice mail requesting help. Time was running out as I needed to be heading home in time for when the kids got out of school. It took me about 20 minutes of maneuvering, twisting, contorting and a little bit of swearing to get the bike into the back seat. My husband did call me back when I was about halfway home. It was as much of a challenge to get the bike out of the car as it was to get it in.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite clips from Sesame Street from when I was a kid about riding bikes.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Week's Inspiration 5/29/11

Sundays for me represent a day of getting things ready for a new week, menu planning, writing up to-do lists, and checking my calendar. I like to have some sort of plan-of-attack, even if something pops up, I can have something to refer back to if I get off track.

With being self-employed, it's challenging to keep the balance of family, home and work when they all happen under the same roof. Even after 3 1/2 years, I'm still getting my act together.

Some things that are inspiring me this week to help me meet my goals.

Start a Business Journal. I love this idea. I started a journal in a basic black and white composition notebook with a small list of goals for June. Many times I have an idea, usually when I'm about to doze off for the night, and I don't remember it in the morning.

Flylady. I've been following Flylady since 1999. I'm working on a daily schedule to incorporate the Flight Plan that she sends out each day.

The list of books over in my sidebar. The only book I've made it all the way through is the cookbook. I'm on page 21 of The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson. I'll be scheduling some reading time into my day as I work on my schedule.

This will be a short work week for me as I'm heading out with some of my oldest and dearest friends for our second annual girls' vacation. I haven't seen them since October and can't wait to reconnect.

I hope you have a great week!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrift Share Monday-Let's Dish

It's been almost a month since my last thrift share post. I've most definitely have thrifted to my heart's content in that time and have some wonderful things to share. I'll be catching up on my thrifting in future posts.

On Friday, I went to a rummage sale that I did well at last year, but this year it was very overpriced and the selection was as my older cousin would say, meh. I headed over to a nearby thrift store on the search for my youngest kiddo some jeans as she is has hit yet another growth spurt this year. I found some in her favorite brand and they were priced at $9.99, $14.99 and $3.99 (half off). Most of the jeans in her size were priced in the $10 range, to my surprise. Has anyone noticed a jump in prices at the chain thrift stores? I looked at the department store website of my kiddo's favorite jean brand and a new pair cost $30-$40. So I got 3 pairs for the price of one which is still a good deal. Selection has been spotty this garage sale season for clothing in my kids' sizes at garage sales.

I stopped at a smaller thrift store on my way home. I noticed a set of dishes at the front of the store when I was getting ready to check out. I walked past them a few times, picked up a couple of plates, a mug and set them back down. I browsed through the books and felt drawn again to the dishes. I didn't need a set of dishes. Really. I've been through a lot of dishes in 16 1/2 years of marriage.

  • Some pieces we received from a pattern we put on our wedding registry. I'm unsure of what happened to those dishes.

  • Pfaltzgraff's Tea Rose pattern (first complete dish set I ever bought at a garage sale being newly married).

  • A full set of formal china my husband and father-in-law found at an estate sale (which moved with us 11 times in 14 years and I used them for maybe a year after they sat in storage before I discovered I really never liked the pattern).

  • Pfaltzgraff's Blue Isle pattern (which was discontinued 3 months after I purchased a few pieces & near impossible to find secondhand without paying a pretty penny.)

  • Hodge-podge thrifted plates & bowls in various patterns & colors.

A few years ago, I decided on plain white plates at a department store. Unfortunately, in my haste, they turned out not to be the best quality and they've cracked, chipped and just plain broke in half. I noted the dishes in the thrift store were Noritake and I really thought the pattern was sweet. I had not checked the price at this point and thought for sure they would be expensive. Price tag for all the dishes: $20. I snapped them up in a heartbeat. My husband even likes the pattern which is a plus. :)

I did some quick research on the pattern (Palos Verde) and they were produced in the 1960s-1970s. I absolutely adore them.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring/Summer Goals

Goodness, I haven't meant to be an absentee blogger. This spring has been pretty jam-packed with my kids' activities, appointments, work, errands and home organization projects (always ongoing.), the usual stuff.

Even with school coming to an end in about 4 weeks, things aren't showing any signs of slowing down.

Here is what I hope to accomplish by the end of the summer:

1. Go through storage bins and shelves in basement.
2. Clean out & inventory basement freezer.
3. Clear out the front yard jungle flower bed and put in some annuals.
4. Get quotes for windows for house.
5. Clean out filing cabinets.
6. Decide on family summer activities.

1. List as much inventory as possible this summer.
2. Find a reputable dry cleaner.
3. Get caught up on bookkeeping
4. Revisit my business plan. (Thank you Selena for the inspiration on this).
5. Create a daily schedule working on tasks in set blocks of time. This includes home items as well.

I may add to this list as time goes on but it gives me a good starting point of planning and using my time well.