Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Goal Update: Week 2

With my family being on vacation for a couple of weeks for the holidays, it has thrown my routine off. It's been hard getting of relaxation mode and getting back into my normal groove. I finally found my stride mid-week.

Here's how it went with my goals.

1. Take down the Christmas tree & reorganize the decorations, ornaments, etc. I removed all of the ornaments, lights and few decorations and took them down to the basement. I planned on reorganizing all of the decorations and gift wrapping supplies. However, I felt the other things that need to be cleaned up and organized in the basement staring me down, so I left as quickly as I could.
The tree got pushed outside so the Boy Scouts could pick it up over the weekend. Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I had $5 cash to put in the donation envelope to attach to the tree. So it's out on the front porch scaring us out of our wits as it looks like someone standing out there whenever we pass by. My husband has said he'll take care of it.

2. Drink tea and water in place of soda for the week. I need to kick the soda habit as I have many reasons to stop drinking it on a regular basis but my body doesn't think so. I'm on day 2 and it has been rough. I've made it a full week without soda with caffeine and HFCS. I had a few days with some bad headaches and a couple of cravings with some meals where I usually have a soda. I had a soda at the end of the week with pure cane sugar and no caffeine. I found it to be very sweet and it was hard to finish. For now, I'll continue to enjoy tea and water.

3. Clean out master bedroom closet.

4. Sketch out a new daily home/work schedule.

5. Workout at least 3 times this week. Yes! This one was the goal I wanted to complete the most. I fell off the exercise bandwagon in August/September, started up again mid-December and stopped for the holiday break. It's very important for me to keep active. Last year, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It's been very frustrating as I don't lose weight very quickly (2-3 times slower than the average person) and that discourages me from concentrating on eating right and exercising However, there is no excuse for me to not be as healthy as I can be. The benefits I've had this week are sleeping better at night, having more energy throughout the day and feeling much more positive.

My goals for this next week are:

1. Clean out master bedroom closet & top of dresser.

2. Sketch out new daily home/work schedule.

3. Workout 4 times.

4. Get business tax stuff in order. I procrastinated on this really badly.

5. Spend 15 minutes decluttering each day in the basement. (I'd rather stick a fork in my eye but it needs to be done.)

See ya next week!


  1. @#5--It really does get easier as you get in the routine of decluttering every day.
    @#3--I really need to do that too!

  2. I share some of those get healthier goals but have been using this virus as an excuse. And I never start new projects on Mondays, well not officially. Sometimes I do them as ease in on Monday.
    I am disappointed that the scouts would not take a tree without a donation attached. In my scout days it was a service project and the donations were truly optional!

    I did see a pretty little tree on the side of the road this past weekend. If the van had been empty I would have considered stopping to bring it home and popcorn decorate it in the yard.

  3. I hear you on that fork in eyeball thing. Good idea breaking it into increments! Seems easier to achieve.

  4. Good list of goals, glad you've written to just spend 15 minutes a day decluttering. That's the best way to go. I always spend all day on it and make the house a giant disaster in the process, never fails ;)