Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Goal Update: Week 3

Last week's goals:

1. Clean out master bedroom closet & top of dresser. I cleared a few things off the top of my dresser. The closet remains untouched.

2. Sketch out new daily home/work schedule.

3. Workout 4 times. The week before last I injured my right heel while exercising. Thinking it was better on Thursday, I worked out again. Not good. It turns out I pulled a tendon in my foot. I'm blaming the grooved hardwood floors and overdoing the workout. My husband set up another spot for me in the house with carpet to my workout videos.

4. Get business tax stuff in order. Since I had to be off of my foot due to #3, I had a lot of time at my desk to get paper work in order and get a spreadsheet completed.

5. Spend 15 minutes decluttering each day in the basement. I stayed off of my feet as much as possible.

I'm finally ready to kick 2012 into gear! I'm still doing well on not drinking soda and I find myself not craving it.

Goals for the upcoming week.

1. Clean out master bedroom closet, top of dresser and nightstand and get down to the basement. Flylady is hosting a Super Fling Boogie for the next few weeks. I'm curious to see how much I can get rid of. I've also put time for decluttering in my new schedule.

2. Workout 2-3 times depending on foot. I'll be easing back into working out by using a stationery bike and working on upper body exercises.

3. Create & complete spreadsheets for main income categories.

4. Give new daily schedule a test run. I've created daily schedules in the past that have either been to rigid or lax. This one incorporates a bit of everything in blocks of time including breaks and chores.

5. Take photos and list basket of inventory that is getting in the way of my shipping area. I'm tired of moving this around to different spots in my office.

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  1. You're doing great on the soda switch. I can happily report that I simply don't miss sodas at all any more.

    Sorry about your foot. It will heal quickly ('scuse the pun). I sprained my ankle severely last September, but I'm back now able to walk and work out.